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The benefits of Schuco sliders

What could you want more than the sun and the clouds to fly through the bright landscape of your house? The time of traditional homes in which windows had a minimalist role, not meeting the requirements of insulation is over. It's time to enjoy what is most beautiful about the environment, and this is now at hand. People have always been more active and efficient as light floods the interior space. The positive energy you can gain is the main element you need to have a perfect day.

Wouldn't it be a shame not to be able to add an extension to the living room in the summer with the push of a button? Friends who will visit you will enjoy with you an expanded, fresh and welcoming space. In the cold season, the illusion of merging with the exterior will be replaced by a firm and efficient screen, modern and practical, including for interior office partitions.

Nature will be a part of your life at any time.

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Complex technology

Schüco sliding doors are designed to provide a high level of functionality. Their handling is easy to do regardless of the dimensions you propose or the weight of the assembly. This is possible thanks to the advanced sliding systems obtained from studies carried out at the Schüco research institute.

Transport trolleys made of special materials allow easy running and long life of the mechanism. The profiles are specially designed to allow the design of generous glazed spaces that can replace entire walls of the house, giving it an exceptional modern and functional look.

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Although they seem fragile, the movable mechanisms of the sliders are extremely robust and allow large loads that require pressure opening mechanisms. Once closed, they become insurmountable barriers due to the complete perimeter closure but also to the protection offered by profiles that include the hardware elements. The mechanisms are treated against corrosion and are very resistant, even if they are trampled.


Thermal barrier

Although from the sofa we can see the whole outdoor environment through the glazed space offered by the Schüco slider, it is still an insurmountable barrier to bad weather and temperatures

The level of thermal insulation offered by sliding systems has reached an increasing ratio in recent years, offering the same level of insulation as a classic window. The new gasket closure and pre-slide lift systems give these systems very efficient sealing capabilities.



Modern aspect

In recent decades, there has been an unprecedented explosion and spread of modernist and minimalist style. These are defined by offering large glazed spaces to homes or office buildings. Straight lines, large volumes and light shades give an avant-garde look to the constructions.

The elimination of curtains, the introduction of LED light, state-of-the-art finishing materials define the house of the future and Schüco sliders cannot be missing from this concept.

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