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The advantages of Schüco window

Choose with confidence the Schüco products whose net benefits you and your family will surely feel. The real saving is not achieved at the time of purchasing a window, but over time, during its useful life, a use that will contribute to achieving significant savings in energy consumption.

Following countless studies, we will exemplify the situation of a family living in a house with an area of ​​143.8 m2 whose glazing level is 26.4 m2 equipped with Schüco Living 82 windows. Replacing the old windows of this house has saved 51 kWh / (m2a), that means 730 liters of liquefied gas annually. After 10 years, with the economy achieved, the owners allowed themselves to buy a small class car.

A quality window can last twice as long as a regular window. The Schüco window is considered the premium window throughout Europe. It has ennobled the buildings of the old continent since the years after World War II. This proves the reliability of Schüco joinery systems. Imagine a family in Germany who, instead of buying a Schüco window, opted for a regular window in the 1970s. To this day, she would have had to change that window at least twice.

Be sure that once you equip your home or office with Schüco systems, this will be noticed not only by connoisseurs.



Thermal and sound insulation

The new European standards specify higher levels for the thermal insulation of buildings. Schüco windows offer solutions to these requirements. Thanks to the special construction of the profile insulation folds, Schüco systems make it possible to achieve much higher energy savings compared to ordinary windows.

At a profile with a construction depth of 82mm, the heat transfer coefficient of the Uw window can reach up to 0.74 W / m2K.

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The feeling of security inside the home, both against the weather and against criminals is one of the most important aspects in ensuring a pleasant atmosphere. Discreet and at the same time very efficient, Schüco systems ensure a maximum degree of safety.

The steel or aluminum inner reinforcement offers a high anti-burglary resistance while maintaining a pleasant and modern look. Hardware with lockable handles and multiple locking points provides an easy and effective way to secure your home.


Design and comfort

Schüco double-glazed windows stand out with an elegant design that harmoniously combines functionality with the aesthetic role of windows. Using new intelligent technologies, Schüco systems allow windows to be customized to suit your construction

Moreover, there are aluminum accessories and exterior ornaments in all shades of RAL (so you can choose any color you want), but also many possibilities for imitation wood. Among the countless elements patented by Schüco, the Automotive finish is an exceptional distinctive element for products under this brand

Sealing systems with co-extruded perimeter gaskets together with thermal and soundproof glass ensure excellent protection against noise, weather and low temperatures. With Schüco windows, the temperature of the inside of the profile will not be lower than room temperature, even in the harshest winters.



Ventilation and air passing

Schüco systems provide a range of accessories dedicated to proper room ventilation, even when the window is closed. Either through the automatic ventilation systems (which ensure a constant supply of fresh air, the window being closed), or through the integrated fans, it is ensured that the allergenic factors (dust, pollen, smoke, etc.) remain outside the house.

Improper ventilation can lead to increased humidity and the appearance of mold. Usually, in most cases, the ventilation is done by opening the window, which leads to a heat loss of up to 50% in just 20 minutes.


Long service life and easy maintenance

Schüco windows stand out for their very good durability. This is due to the own recipe used in the extrusion of profiles which gives them elasticity and stability. Due to temperature fluctuations, the profiles expand and contract. Good elasticity allows them to return to their original size, thus determining a balanced behavior of the windows.

Smooth and weather-resistant surfaces make Schüco windows look like new, even after many years of installation, with a minimum of maintenance


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