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The advantages of Schüco doors

Your home needs security first and foremost. Schüco systems designed for doors together with specially adapted hardware give your doors a remarkable increase in safety.

You and your family will feel protected no matter what area you have decided to live in. In addition, the acquired sound comfort will quietly fill your own intimate space.

Housing is your family's most valuable asset. Its value increases in proportion to the attention to detail. The door is an extremely important detail in setting up a home. You can avoid problems by choosing doors that fit perfectly into the premium concept of your home.

You can imagine the door as a tall, slender, elegant and full of style person. Spaces intertwine due to their existence, this interpenetration must be natural and efficient. Schüco door systems offer different styles, sizes and shapes that can be adapted to the construction specifications, both at home and in the office.



Maximum reliability and minimum maintenance

Schüco doors stand out for their increased resistance to thousands of closed / open cycles. This is due to the high quality materials that are used in the process of construction. The profiles are designed to eliminate buckling and vibration, and the hardware is adapted to the requirement to withstand more than 10,000 uses. Their maintenance can be minimum over a long period of time and under appropriate conditions of use.

A main advantage of Schüco doors is the strength of the material, which is an option much more suitable than traditional wooden doors. Humidity is recognized as the biggest problem of wooden interior doors. Strong temperature variations changes the humidity of the room, sometimes producing condensation. Wood subject to moisture can inflate and then contract, leading to improper operation of the systems closure and poor thermal and sound insulation. Schüco doors are waterproof and moisture resistant, maintaining its original shape and guaranteeing a perfect operation of mechanisms, regardless of the conditions in which they are.

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The feeling of security inside the home, both against the weather and against criminals is one of the most important aspects in ensuring a pleasant atmosphere. Discreet and at the same time very efficient, Schüco systems ensure a maximum degree of safety.

The steel or aluminum inner reinforcement offers a high anti-burglary resistance while maintaining a pleasant and modern look. Hardware with lockable handles and multiple locking points provides an easy and effective way to secure your home.


Thermophonic efficiency

Every individual needs privacy in their own space. The Schüco door offers a high degree of sound insulation thanks to the gaskets specially designed to limit the level of vibrations.

The number and structure of the interior insulation chambers help to obtain an optimal heat and sound transfer coefficient regardless of the predefined role of your door.

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Style and elegance

Schüco doors have a special style given by the finish applied to the profiles but also by the consistency of the materials from which they are made. Using state-of-the-art intelligent technologies, Schüco systems allow the doors to be customized to suit the interior and exterior style of your building.

Schüco double-glazed windows stand out with an elegant design that harmoniously combines functionality with the aesthetic role of windows. Using new intelligent technologies, Schüco systems allow windows to be customized to suit your construction.

Schüco doors can be made in all shades of RAL as well as in various shades of imitation wood. Among the countless elements patented by Schüco, the Automotive finish is an exceptional distinctive element for products under this brand.

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