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LivIng 82

The Schüco LivIng PVC system is an innovative 7-chamber profile system, which has been designed as a Twin system with a beating gasket or a medium gasket. In the version with median gasket, the system reaches the level of thermal insulation for the passive house, which is verified and proven at IFT Rosenheim. But also the version with beating gasket has excellent values ​​for thermal insulation. 

    • 7-chamber profile with optimized geometry
    • The depth of the frame is 82 mm, ensuring the best thermal insulation
    • Uf values ​​up to 0.96 W / (m²K)
    • The variant with median gasket is suitable for passive houses - certified by IFT
    • Reduced visible widths, 120 mm
    • Glazing with glass with a thickness of 24 mm to 52 mm (triple thermal insulation)
    • The same sash profiles for variants with median gasket or beating gasket
    • The same sash and frame fittings
    • Gray-silver or black gaskets available
    • Excellent sound insulation values
    • Great color diversity: plain decor foils or wood imitation
Schüco LivIng 4

Characteristic values:

Thermal insulation Uf in W / m²K: from 0.96 to 1

Sound insulation in dB: from 34 to 47

Max burglary resistance: RC2

Air permeability: 4

Water tightness: 9A

Wind resistance: C3 / B3

Shock resistance: 3

Durability: 2

Behavior in different climates: 3A / 3D

Actuating forces: 1

Mechanical strength: 4

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