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The benefits of hardware
Schuco VarioTec

Schuco is first and foremost the largest system design firm in the field of joinery. In order for things to fit perfectly, the designers from Schuco decided to create their own hardware systems adaptable to any of the series of profiles created. These hardware systems are designed to last and impress. You are the beneficiary of an exclusive product.

The first thing Schuco engineers have in mind is the ability of the hardware to last a long time. This allows you to enjoy many years of perfectly functional joinery.

If most hardware systems involve cutting and joining metal components, operations that increase the risk of corrosion, the Schuco VarioTec hardware system offers a modular mechanism composed of electrostatically treated elements that blend perfectly with polyamide elements creating a unitary assembly that does not require special maintenance over time.


Schüco Avantec SimplySmart

Visionary thinking needs flexibility and creative freedom. It responds to this trend in Schüco architecture with the world's first hardware, completely hidden with a 180 ° opening. Schüco AvanTec SimplySmart is a generation of inward-opening mechanical hardware that combines timeless design and functional versatility with an economical assembly procedure. In addition to the flexible, tool-free assembly, other design features such as the absence of hinges on the outside combined with the large dimensions of the frames define the uniqueness of this generation of hardware.

In addition, Schüco offers great architectural freedom through the possibility of making frames weighing up to 250 kg as well as complete openings, up to 180º, which was previously possible only with the applied hardware. In addition, Schüco has revolutionized hardware assembly technology. Components such as the corner bearing, scissors and the corner guide are mounted on the rim without tools. This is possible through a new clipping technology, through which the hardware components can be mounted on the sash joined at the corners, directly on the end positions. In addition to assembly technology, the order of assembly operations has also been made more flexible.

Product features

  • Completely hidden hardware, the contour of the window is accentuated only by the elegant handle
  • Opening at 180 ° with the possibility of locking at 90 °
  • It weighed up to 250 kg for casement windows and 200 kg for oscillating casement windows
  • Class 5 corrosion protection for the basic assortment
  • Optional hybrid drive rod with aluminum core for optimum torque

Advantages for mounting

  • Flexible, intuitive processing
  • The assembly of the sash is done without tools
  • The installation of the hardware does not require the stamping of the window corners
  • The hardware can be mounted from any point
  • The hardware components are fixed by clipping
  • The comfort locking parts self-position

With this new generation of hidden hardware Schüco AvanTec SimplySmart, Schüco shows in a unique way how innovations bring benefits to everyone - architects, investors and especially metal fabrication companies.

Schüco Aufsatztürband

applied hinges

  • Schüco hinges ensure high stability
  • Constructive variants with 2 or 3 arms
  • Simple three-way adjustment
  • Direct fixing with screws (depending on series)
  • Sieve weight up to 200 kg
  • Maintenance without oil or grease

Schüco hinges meet the stability and robustness requirements for large doors. Schüco applied hinges can have two or three arms. It is easy to install with screws and can be adjusted in three directions. Hinges can be added later.

Schuco hinges are made of solid aluminum, they support over 130 Kg / unit in the case of windows and in the case of heavy traffic doors we can also speak of weights of over 400 Kg / unit. Schuco is especially appreciated for its reputation for offering windows and doors for heavy traffic capable of withstanding over 1,000,000 opening / closing cycles, proving a reliability that cannot be found in other manufacturers.

The design of these components integrates perfectly in the set of elements that make up a window or a door, the imprint of the Schuco brand being easily observed. Schuco hinges are extremely safe both in terms of functionality and protection, as evidenced by the numerous awards that these products have obtained from various certification bodies in the field.

Schüco hidden
door hinges

  • They are completely hidden
  • 2 variants - VL hinge 100º and VL hinge 180º
  • Use for doors opening inwards or outwards, to the right or to the left
  • Simple three-way adjustment
  • Secure attachment with mounting plates
  • RC safety class 2
  • Frames up to 200 kg

Hidden Schüco door hinges meet the requirements of modern architecture. It provides one hundred percent free access by rotating the sash behind the frame and protects the hardware from dirt and weather. The 180 ° hidden hinge, supports the frames up to 200 kg, the 100 ° hinge up to 150 kg.

Schüco VL Band
manere usi

PVC window handles

Schuco handles

The handles best define the perfection of Schuco and are the business card for the window or door. Whether they are made of aluminum or stainless steel, their lines are firm and elegant. When you touch a Schuco handle, you will definitely feel the years of study dedicated to their improvement and you will know that you benefit from a premium product.

The handles are offered in countless color combinations and will always have the Schuco logo inscribed on them.

The internal component elements are not made of plastic but of very hard and resistant materials such as titanium, the cases in which you will see a loose Schuco handle being extremely rare, these resisting over 1,000,000 shareholders.

The handles can be with a built-in hub (for windows) or with shields (for doors) in which locks for locking are inserted. They can be operated with a normal key, master key, fingerprint or numeric codes.


Window Handles


Door Handles



Schuco locks, window creams and door locks are robust and very easy to handle. Their role is to operate the locking mechanisms with the help of handles or keys and more recently they can be operated electronically, based on the fingerprint or remotely with the help of a smartphone. The VK1 or VK2 safety levels are easily reached by Schuco locks, giving you safety and comfort.

The window creams but also the locks are equipped as standard with mechanisms against incorrect handling of the handle, thus avoiding the detachment of the wing from the hinge.

Schüco keyless entry system

  • Movement sensors
  • Radar sensors
  • Radio / key systems
  • Schüco AccessCard
  • Schüco Transponder
There are a wide variety of complementary modules for door control with the Schüco door manager. They complete the access control system and allow the door to be opened, closed or locked comfortably, without the need for a key.

System features
  • Aluminum
  • PVC
  • Interior doors
  • Entrance doors
  • Panic door opening inwards
  • Door opening to the outside
  • Powered
  • Comfort control
  • Autoshutting
  • Motorized swing door opening
  • Electric control
DCS Zutrittskontrolle_Hauptbild

Schüco system for access control

  • Low-Energy Bluetooth application
  • Integration in the door frame or sash provides a harmonious overview; optional integration in the plan or applied assembly
  • It has received the red dot and IF design award for an exceptional design
  • Three applications - the same optics: escape door security, access control and door communication
  • Compatible component of our Schüco DCS door management system
  • Can be combined with Schüco DCS, door communication and Schüco DCS exhaust door security
  • Two freely configurable terminals, e.g. for door opening and alarm
  • Secure fingerprint algorithm for user identification
  • The reader is "married" to the control unit; encrypted communication between the reader and the control unit
    Application in German and English
  • Schüco DCS Fingerprint can be replaced with Schüco DCS Fingerprint Bluetooth
  • Prefabricated wiring for easy installation
  • Male-female principle between components, no wiring required

Comfortable, secure and current - with the new Bluetooth fingerprint module, the Schüco DCS door management system offers an attractive extension of access control functionality. It is easily managed by iOS or Android applications. For example: creating, modifying, or deleting user profiles.

The Schüco DCS module with fingerprint and Bluetooth can be operated by a DCS RFID module and is connected via a simple plug-and-play connection to the controller. Updating the firmware is simple and fast, through the application.

Schüco motor applied for swing doors DA

  • Between doors with interior or exterior opening
  • Door frame weight max. 80 kg / 120 kg, respectively 160 kg
  • Frame width 800 mm - 1100 mmm (ID 80/120)
  • Frame width 850 mm - 1100 mmm (ID 160)
  • Frame height 1800 mm - 2300 mmm
  • The opening angle of the door is max. 120 °
  • Opening / closing speed max. 80 ° / 3 s
  • CE marking
  • System tested according to DIN 18650

Electric motor integrated in the profile, for hinged doors with opening to the inside or to the outside, for hinged doors with one or two wings.

Schüco offers a wide range of electrically operated swing doors, with a wide range of uses for commercial or residential buildings. They allow barrier-free access.

Drehtüren mit Antrieb_HB


This category includes the corners that continue the polyamide rod between two perpendicular sides, the scissor arm that allows the window to open in the hinged position and the locks that close the sash hardware in the frame places, on all four sides.

The corners contain special joining elements that give continuity to the rods ensuring their movement left / right or up / down without opposing mechanical resistance.

The scissor arm ensures connectivity with the upper hinge and allows the opening of ventilation windows supporting heavy weights.
The locks can be cylindrical or mushroom type that

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