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Schüco Aluminum AWS 65

The Schüco AWS 65 series is a modern, high-performance system.
Energy requirements are covered by a rich assortment of carefully made profiles and construction details. It can be used for windows opening inwards or outwards. With a profile depth of 65 mm, it is suitable for many window design variants.

Special feature: Schüco AWS 65 is compatible with the Schüco ADS 65 door system.

Good thermal insulation: Uf value = 2.1 W / (m²K)

Visible width 117mm

Heel depth 65mm

Optionally it can be made with a coplanar sash or with an opening to the outside. Basic series with a wide range of profiles - allows many design variants for windows.

Schüco AWS 65_HB

Characteristic values:

Uf thermal insulation in W / m²K: from 1.9 to 2.5

Thermal insulation Uw in W / m²K: from 1.1 to 1.8

Sound insulation in dB: from 35.0 to 47.0

Burglary resistance: RC1

Max burglary resistance: RC3

Air permeability: 4

Water tightness: 1200

Wind resistance: C5 / B6

Shock resistance: 5

Durability: 3

Corrosion protection class: 4

Actuating forces: 1

Mechanical strength: 4

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