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Schuco Aluminum Sliding Door

Sliding and sliding with lifting Schüco ASS 50

The system for sliding and sliding with lifting doors is a standard solution for all climatic zones that need thermal insulation. The aluminum construction, thermally insulated, has a visible width of only 89 mm, is stable and allows large areas of glass.

Sliding and sliding elements with silent rolling lift
Thermal insulation Uw ≤ 2.0 W / m2K
Frames up to 400 kg for sliding elements with lifting (sash depth 50mm). Frames up to 300 kg for sliding elements.
The flat frame profile gives an elegant look to the perimeter frame.
Glass thickness from 8 mm to 32 mm.
RC burglary resistance class 2.
It is possible to build elements with 1-, 2- and 3 tracks.
Sliding and sliding doors with lifting, insulated, for large openings.
Elegant handles are available for sliding and sliding elements with lifting.


Characteristic values:

Sound insulation in dB: from 35.0 to 40.0

Burglary resistance: RC1

Max burglary resistance: RC2

Air permeability: 4

Water tightness: 9a

Wind resistance: B5 / C4

Durability: 2

Actuating forces: 1

Mechanical strength: 4

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