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SCHUCO Izosmart was born from the desire to offer the Romanian market a carpentry as reliable as possible. The standards by which we have decided to work crown our work without equal. Over the years, we have collected in our portfolio successfully honored orders that meet the highest national and international requirements. We always respond to our customers promptly and professionally, always taking into account the importance they have for us!

Marius Neculai

Manager Schuco Izosmart


Who are we?

SCHUCO Izosmart is a constantly developing company that produces and distributes premium PVC and Aluminum joinery, with a lot of experience in the field. The details that differentiate us are given by the quality we choose to work with. With the help of modern production lines, a team of professionals work in a well-structured organizational environment, so that you can enjoy an impeccable finished product.

The Izosmart team offers complete consulting services, project execution, production, transport, assembly and, where necessary, maintenance.

Already gaining a reputation in the market, SCHUCO Izosmart is a borderless company that honors orders from all over Europe!



What recommends us?

If we were to find a single word to describe SCHUCO Izosmart products, we could only think of reliability. We understand our customer’s needs! They are our most powerful selling force, therefore, their long-term satisfaction is our business card.

As for our strengths, we could certainly remember about our human resources, about the reliable suppliers, leaders in their segment, about the latest technology or about the multitude of satisfied customers who have carried our reputation further. We consider, however, that all these pluses speak, in fact, about our passion to create a premium product, a bridge over generations.


Mission and vision

Our mission is to provide our customers with the most reliable joinery products, that will last and carry our name over future generations.

We are constantly concerned in investing in people and in the most modern equipment. We are not afraid to adapt and understand how important it is to always renew the products we welcome you with. This is the only way we can be sure that we carry out our activity at optimal parameters, so that we can honor our orders as soon as possible.

We are continuously consolidating our position on the market!We want to become the first choice for all those who want quality joinery.



Our values


We honor our promises! We have a relationship based on mutual trust with our employees, suppliers and all our customers.


We strongly believe in our team because at Izosmart we understand that by respecting people, we actually respect ourselves.


At Izosmart we are constantly striving for improvement! With a young and ambitious team, no challenge is too big!

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